We are a sweet business that opened its first store, the first Donuterie, on March 28, 2014, in Targu Mures. We always wanted a work place that we would hold dearly and that would bring us the challenge to be better. We tested recipes in the kitchen for months on end, different ingredients, different toppings until, one day, we got what we wanted: puffy pastry, creamy insides and a unique taste.

In June 2015 we opened our first store in Cluj-Napoca where we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm people welcomed us with in their city. Once again we knew that we must be doing a good job. We finished 2015 with 3 opened stores in Cluj-Napoca, followed shortly by one in Sibiu and one in Baia Mare.

Donuterie is a place for friends and their craziness; it’s the dessert next to the coffee, the good part of a beginning, middle and end of the day, the reason for posting, Instagramming, spapping and getting that perfect selfie. The Donuterie donuts are just like you: well raised, sweet, with different toppings and different sizes. Choose the one you like and surpise the ones you love also. Or not!

Donuterie – be nuts, be donuts!
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 08:00 - 00:00