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Apart is a brand that has been present on the Polish market for almost five decades and has been part of it for years
leadership position in the jewelry industry. Modern production and service facilities are a huge advantage,
thanks to which Apart offers a variety of jewelry and watches, available in over 200 elegant styles
salons with professional service, operating in the best locations. This makes additions
offered by Apart are among the most frequently chosen by both women and men. IN
The brand's assortment includes a wide selection of engagement rings with diamonds and
wedding rings which, thanks to various variants, can be perfectly matched to your personal preferences.
Apart's jewelry offer includes many collections with a huge selection of rings, bracelets,
necklaces, pendants and earrings. They include timeless designs made of gold, with
diamonds or brilliants, as well as jewelry in a more modern style. Next to jewelry from
diamonds, there are also patterns with a diamond shine combined with such valued stones
precious ones, such as sapphires, tanzanites, topaz and emeralds. Silver jewelry from the Apart brand includes:
both fashion patterns and those decorated with your favorite motifs, such as a jewelry heart,
infinity, zodiac sign or symbols for good luck. With creative individualists in mind
In turn, modular Beads and Charms collections have been created, thanks to which you can compose your own pieces
your jewelry. Intriguing jewelry designs with unique aesthetics are the domain of products available at Apart
Elixa and Artelioni brands.
Apart's offer also includes watches, including the best-selling Elixa brand for women and the popular one
among men, the Aztorin brand, as well as attractive models for children and teenagers from
AM:PM collections inspired by pop culture. This brand also has its own line
perfect smartwatches for children, women and men.
Connoisseurs of top-shelf watches can choose timepieces from such recognized, prestigious ones
watchmaking factories such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Zenith and Breitling, whose Apart brand is
representative and are available in selected showrooms.
Apart is the perfect place to get yourself or a loved one a stylish gift that delights.


Offers at Apart

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