Crazy Bubble

Crazy Bubble is the only brand in Poland serving original, unique, Taiwanese Bubble Tea drinks. The chain's inspiration is the birthplace of the famous tea - Taiwan. There, the popularization of desserts with tapioca pearls, i.e. a food product made from cassava in the shape of balls, began. Tapioca combined with tea, milk and sugar initiated the era of Bubble Tea. Over time, ideas for this drink began to be diversified and, among others, fruit teas with additions such as popping boba, nata de coco or jelly were created.
What distinguishes Crazy Bubble is its constant efforts to introduce new flavors and types of drinks, which are based on the traditions of Asian countries, but are also based on the originality of the brand's own recipes and customer preferences.
Due to the best possible quality ingredients imported from the country of origin, the drinks are very popular.
Take your loved ones and come and try our drinks!