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Healthy shoes for children and adults

We have healthy shoes for everyone

In the Healthy Footwear store, we have prepared a wide range of women's, men's and children's shoes for you. All footwear is safe and comfortable to wear. We care about quality, so the shoes we sell are made only of first-class materials, especially leather.


Choose the brand exactly for you

If you don't have a favorite brand yet, we will be happy to introduce you to pieces from the manufacturers ARA, RIEKER, SEIBEL, SANTÉ, ESSI, REGA, NATUR COMFORT and others. In addition to shoes for adults, we can deal with shoes for your little ones. The base is a firm and low heel, the lacing must reach above the ankles. A special category of our offer consists of slippers at home such as slippers and slippers.


Come to us and you will see that you will leave in brand new shoes.


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