Fast and convenient pickup of shipments without queues

What is Zásilkovna?

Zásilkovna is a purely Czech logistics company founded in 2010, which was established with the aim of facilitating the transport of goods to customers in e-shops. The credo of the Mail Order is fast and convenient collection of shipments without queues. This is made possible by a dense network of dispensing points, of which there are already more than 5,000 in the Czech Republic, and dozens more are opened every month.


How do we deliver?
Zásilkovna delivers goods from more than 30,000 e-shops to dispensing points, but also directly to the address. Since 2019, the company has also been offering shipments between individuals, via a mobile application via the Between Us service.


We set the direction in logistics
In addition to stone branches, you can also pick up a shipment sent via the Mailbox in the Z-BOX self-service dispensing boxes or at the Z-BOT robotic dispensing point. New technologies are synonymous with the Mail Order. That is why this brand determines trends in logistics in the Czech Republic and helps to move e-commerce to a higher level.