T-Mobile brand shop

The latest technologies and a pro-customer approach

In a pleasant and comfortable environment of the T-Mobile brand store, we offer customers the latest technologies, a complete portfolio of our services and a maximally pro-customer approach.


We will help you choose a new phone, mobile internet, advise on setting up your device or discuss technological innovations in the world or our current product range. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


Flat rate with unlimited calling or prepaid card

We will advise you if a flat rate with unlimited calls and SMS is more advantageous for you, or you will save more with topping up the credit without a concluded contract. If you travel abroad, you can use our services there without worrying about exorbitant prices. We will provide you with all the necessary information on how to use your phone abroad without fear of high prices.


In the store you can quickly and conveniently pay invoices or top up your Twist card. We will be happy to show you the products on display, selected phones can be tested on site. Help with setting up a newly purchased device is a matter of course.


Stop by for a phone, tablet or smart watch

In the offer, you will find the latest smartphones at discounted prices with a tariff even in installments without increase. We offer tablets for work and entertainment, for which you can choose a suitable data tariff. Each outfit fits a stylish smart watch, which is also available in the store.


Everyone can choose from our TV offer

Last but not least, we will show you hundreds of programs from the T-Mobile TV offer with the option of watching back up to 7 days. Thanks to T-Mobile TV, you can choose from up to 151 programs via the Internet and 110 programs from satellite. Do you enjoy documentaries, sports broadcasts, Czech or foreign series? Do you love cult blockbusters or do you prefer art filmmaking? Be that as it may, you will definitely choose in the T-Mobile TV offer.


In our shop in VIVO! we will do everything we can to connect you quickly, comfortably and as cheaply as possible with everyone you need. After all, come and see for yourself.


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