Service and sales of laptops and desktops

Are you looking for a new or used computer?

Need to fix your existing one, reinstall your operating system, download updates, or just perform routine maintenance? Contact us. Thanks to many years of experience, we are experts in our field.


We do the work while you wait

Stop by our shop at 1. floor next to the Zásilkovna, we will be happy to advise and help you. If there is no need to order new parts, we perform most of the work on hold, all at very reasonable prices.


We can help you with:

• Sales of refurbished and new laptops
• Sales of new and refurbished desktops
• Construction of desktop computers tailored to the requirements and financial capabilities of the customer
• Purchase of desktop computers and laptops up to 7 years of age, even damaged parts
Cleaning from dust and other impurities
• Windows reinstallation, including driver updates and Bios upgrades
• Back up data and return to the reinstalled computer
• Free data transfer from your original laptop or PC that you purchased from us

• Upgrade your older laptop or desktop computer
• Upgrade the operating system from older to newest
• Replacing cracked laptop displays
• Replacement of keyboards, broken hinges and entire plastic parts
• Replacing defective hard drives, including backing up your data


If we are unable to repair your computer, we will be happy to purchase it for replacement parts and recommend or offer a computer that suits your needs.



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