Kabát bakery

Bakery Kabát in VIVO! Hostivař you can find easily, just go for the smell of fresh pastries. But for the sake of order, let's add that it is only a few steps behind the main entrance.


Do you want sweet or salty?

In addition to savory and sweet pastries, we are happy to offer stuffed baguettes, sandwiches, buns and other quick snacks. When you get a taste for something sweet, we recommend one of the classic confectionery products.


Handmade pastry

The Kabát bakery was established 30 years ago, when, as a small family business, it began to focus on what they enjoy and what they can do well - baking. Since then, they have grown and multiplied their production. They gained a reputation for their honest approach to craftsmanship and their best efforts. Bakers make every piece of bread by hand.


Only the best ingredients

With the products of Pekárna Kabát, you can rely on the use of mostly Czech raw materials without chemical additives and food substitutes. We are also certified BIO manufacturers.


It depends on the customers first and foremost

We rely on a helpful and friendly approach to customers and we are very pleased that they keep coming back to us. And they are the ones for whom we bake fresh buns, rolls or bread every day. We ship them to all our Prague stores four times a day.


Offers at Kabát bakery

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