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Modern pharmacy concept

Dr. Max Pharmacy network offers a modern concept in approaching customers and patients. The main goal is to maximally reflect the requirements of today. In our wide range you will find everything you need for the prevention of possible diseases as well as for solving acute problems that cannot be postponed.


Customers are our partners

We reflect current trends and technologies and perceive the Internet as a source of information from which our customers draw. In our pharmacies we meet very well-informed customers who have found out a large amount of information in advance. Our task is to be a professional guarantor with whom the customer consults and for whom we are looking for the optimal solution. We understand customers as partners, so you will not find classic large counters forming a barrier between experts and customers at our stores.


In all pharmacies Dr. Max are self-service zones where you can view the products, read the composition, effects, price and other important information and feel free to make an opinion and consider buying. Our experts will only oversee any contraindications or provide you with additional recommendations.


Benefits of a medicine card

Taking medicines, supplements and consuming certain foods at the same time can cause side effects that can eliminate or multiply the healing effects. It may happen that the treatment stops making sense, or in the worst case, the patient may have health problems. Only in our pharmacies you can apply for a medicine card, thanks to which you will be under professional control in all our pharmacies. We will always notify you in advance of any interactions. And as a little gift you will get a discount from us.


Come and see for yourself in one of our more than eighty pharmacies what a modern pharmacy should look like.


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