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Come and relax with us

Being able to rest properly is very important, especially in today's hectic times. The body and mind deserve to slow down, relax and regenerate once in a while. The sauna is an ideal place for such relaxation.


The Saunia features a traditional Finnish sauna, a tropical sauna or a herbal sauna. But that's not the end of our choice, because you can try a steam boost, a steam bath or lay down in the rest room and let the thoughts in your head just flow freely. You can replenish liquids in our bar, where we will prepare delicious drinks for you, including fragrant coffee.


The sauna also includes cooling

There are several saunas and heating rooms available, which differ not only in humidity and temperature, but also in the material used and the essences applied. Sauna inseparably includes cooling, which can be solved in several ways. After the sauna, you will be excited by a wonderful ice shower, pool water or water spray. We do not forget about sauna rituals performed by experienced professionals.


Rely on our staff

Our services are used by sauna experts for many years as well as beginners, to whom we will be happy to advise which sauna is best for them. On your first visit, you can safely rely on the advice of our experienced staff.


Offers at Saunia

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