Pepe Jeans London

The first patterns under Urma brand were designed for the spring/summer of 2000. Starting the first collection, the passion for textures and colours mixed exclusively with quality materials created a definition of the brand. The joy of seeing these appreciated and highly requested creations, the uniqueness and originality feeling pushed everything one step further.

Step by step, the collections became known and met the demand for elegant patterns for all year round. We created a well established chain of stores, “boutique” type throughout Romania and we cooperate both with wholesale partners and with shops from all over the country.

At present, the team counts over twenty talented people with whose knowledge and skills we launch every year new collections. Urma became famous for approaching a sophisticated and daring combination, with an ultra fine line which perfectly reflected the casual and glamour atmosphere. Easy and effortless!

The effortless elegance of the brand proved distinctive in the casual niche, and while style may vary, the essence of the brand remains the same. The sexy and feminine attitude became synonymous with Urma brand.
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