Nomasvello® now also in Cluj

Nomasvello® goes further and further. It opens a new location in Cluj Napoca, in VIVO! Cluj-Napoca. So that ladies should always look beautiful and radiant…

Nomasvello® is the first concerning the top of locations for permanent hair removal and facial therapies (wrinkles, stains, acne) from Europe. Regardless the hair removal area, the cost is the same – 30 Euros/ session.

How does Nomasvello® concept work? In a first stage you will be subject to a skin evaluation test. This will determine the proper treatment depending on the type and colour of skin and also the thickness of the hair. After performing the test, which is mandatory, the intense pulsed light treatment may start.

The procedure is guaranteed for most skin types. It operates following the next principle: the light applied onto the skin is turned into heat, it then heats the hair to a certain temperature, by destroying the germinal cells. In case of facial therapies, the heat helps the natural reconstruction of the fibres from the skin formation, damaged because of sun exposure, age, hormonal activity, etc.

Come to Nomasvello® to get rid of excess hair for good and to get a young, toned, healthy look for your skin.

Exclusive price: 30 Euro/124 lei/ session

We are waiting for you in our new location from Cluj, in the premises of VIVO! Cluj-Napoca from Floresti!
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00
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