"We are different, we are beautiful"

QUIOSQUE offers clothing, additions and accessories for women. According to the slogan “we are different, we are beautiful”, the brand shop located at VIVO! Stalowa Wola offers its customers clothes in sizes from 36 to 46. QUIOSQUE proves that every woman can look beautiful, regardless of size and body shape, and properly selected cuts and colours of clothing merely emphasise this beauty. Our collections are designed to complement each other and any elements can be combined in many ways. The brand always cares about the highest quality, so a large part of each collection is created in Polish sewing shops. Our shop at VIVO! Stalowa Wola proposes a complementary offer of clothes for women with dresses – the flagship product of the brand. 
QUIOSQUE collections are the essence of femininity enclosed in exceptional designs, combining elegance and comfort. Timeless classics dominate and are complemented by modern elements.
Perfect cuts, perfectly matched styles, well thought-out colours - all this makes QUIOSQUE a guarantee of a great look for women. The brand guides customers how to skilfully extract and emphasise the natural beauty that lies hidden in each of them.
The QUIOSQUE shop at VIVO! Stalowa Wola is a place where bright and quiet colours and wooden finishes dominate, which gives it a pleasant atmosphere. At the shop, customers can count on professional advice on the choice of size or styling. 


Offers at Quiosque

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