Friday 13 March 2020

Operating restriction of VIVO! Piła

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In connection with the official Ministry of Health Decree of 13 March 2020, concerning the restriction of shopping centre activities, from midnight on 14 March 2020 VIVO! Piła is limited to the food operator Carrefour, Hebe drugstore, Rossmann, Sokal pharmacy and Kolporter press distributor.

The remaining premises on the premises will remain closed for the next 14 days.

Due to the location of individual units in the facility, dedicated routes leading by the shortest route to the right units will be designated.

The entrance to the centre was limited to the main entrance, from the car park side.

Security will guide the movement if necessary. At the same time, the facility will maintain procedures for ongoing disinfection of the most vulnerable points, such as handrails, handles, balustrades, buttons, etc. and the walls and floors of the corridors leading to the toilets and the toilets themselves.

The facility will be adequately monitored and secured by the appropriate services for the duration of the limited operation.

About any changes and the restoration of daily VIVO! Piła we will keep informed, adapting to the very dynamic situation and the messages appearing.