Take up a sporting challenge with VIVO!  and win attractive prizes!
 On July 19, we invite you to join our sports challenge,
 prepared in cooperation with the Activy application.  The total prize pool is almost
 PLN 7,000, although this is only a part of the prizes!  You can also win prizes in the form of
 the event is open to the public, including swimming pool tickets, small gifts and discounts and vouchers.
 Participation in the "Be active with VIVO!  PIŁA"
 Summer is a great time to take care of your healthy habits and feel even better.
 Check it yourself by taking part in our summer action "Be active with VIVO!  PIŁA "!  To
 to join it, just download the Activy app, from the Play Store or AppleStore, and
 sign up for it.  Then select a challenge from the list of open competitions
 VIVO! Piła.