Jubiler Niewęgłowski

Tasteful craftsmanship, sophisticated elegance and incomparable style create the soul of our products.

Due to our many years of experience, we have come to be known as a pioneer in the sale and production of gold and silver jewellery in the Lublin province.

We discover what is most valuable - the unique character and magical inspiration of a wide range of the most beautiful jewellery.

Jubiler Niewęgłowski was founded in 1991, so we have been serving our customers for over 20 years, offering them beautiful and unique jewellery that expresses their needs and feelings. Thanks to our hard work, perseverance and attention to customer needs, we have earned a reputation as one of the best companies in the Lublin province for the sale and production of gold and silver jewellery. Our expansive offer contains exclusive jewellery collections for those who value elegance and simplicity, as well as those who love extravagance and individuality.
We want the product you take home to be unique.

In our stores, you’ll also find friendly and professional service. We treat each person as an individual.

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