Zoomania is the largest pet store network in Romania and Bulgaria, with an exhibition space of over than 8500 square meters.

The company’s portfolio contains:

over 10000 products containing a diverse palette of foods and accesories for pets and horse riding, from the most renowned and trustworthy world brands
Veterinary products and parapharmaceutics
Pets: cats, dogs, numerous species of: fishes (exotic fishes, for decorative ponds), rodents, exotic birds, reptiles etc.
Accesories for horses and riders
Specialized publications: books, magazines, calendars.

The specialized personnel of the Zoomania stores offers counseling in choosing your pet and also in picking the right products for your pet of choice.

Zoomania is the only pet store network with a performant and real system of immediate bonusing for the clients, through the Club Member Card.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 12:00 - 20:00
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