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GARMENT, TEXTILES – we clean, wash, iron all types of garments and knitwear at highest quality standards. The methods we use are dry cleaning and wet cleaning – the answer to ecological maintenance requirements of modern textiles. We apply the newest and most efficient methods for stain removal using specific products for each type of stains, we clean and iron according to the fabrics’ composition and texture, so that your clothes are always impeccable.

LINENS – we wash, starch, iron bed linens and table cloths, aprons, napkins, for both individuals and hotels or restaurants.

SHEEPSKIN COATS AND LEATHER COATS – specialized dry cleaning automated programs, using color fixing substances and leather emolliating additives, so that clothes maintain their features.


LEATHER COATS – redyeing leather coats using ecologic dyes, at highest quality standards on various color tones so that leather keeps its initial texture.

TEXTILES – redyeing textiles using ecological dyes so that your favorite “pants” become “new” and the “shirt” your wife has bleached won’t become a reason for argue.


TEXTILES – small adjustments for clothes are absolutely necessary in malls, for hurried clients or everybody else. Our services are executed fast by qualified personnel – trimming a pair of pants can be done in 10 minutes.


Take your stained clothes to the cleaner’s immediately. Exposing them to air, heat or light fixes the stain in the fabric.
Don’t remove stains at home – you will end up fixing them in the fabric, or even worse, bleaching your clothes.
Don’t iron stained clothes.
Don’t rub stains and don’t wet them.
Don’t use nail polish remover to remove nail polish, paint or pen stains.
Don’t store clothes in the closet without cleaning them.
Don’t give in the temptation to clean as many clothes at home, even if you know how to do it, you risk deteriorating them.

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