World Class

 World Class– leader in the autochthonous wellness industry, provides five star services for the sports lovers, in 14 countries from Europe and Middle East.

World Class centres offer access to Gym, Aerobic, Cycling and Relaxation Area&SPA, making available to its members the latest and most modern services on the market. World Class is the place where health is discovered through physical exercise.

World Class is the largest fitness chain from Romania, with 11 centres, over 300 employees and over 25.000 members. Our story continues to consolidate the position on the market targeting the launch of 3 more clubs in the near future. World Class stands out among the other fitness rooms from Romania, being constantly the pioneer of the latest fitness concepts exclusively in Romania (Les Mills programs). Our team has the most renown national and international trainers.

Being a World Class member you have available lots of classes to choose from. You can attend the most popular concepts of group trainings as modern exercising method. We truly believe that these trainings will make you reach your goals. Training while having fun is the best way to a healthy lifestyle.

Our group training classes include 3 categories: Mind, Work and Move. This will help you find the classes that you like, but at the same time you can try and discover new classes.

MIND – Training that create harmony between body and mind, improving the strength, the posture, the power of concentration and the flexibility.
WORK – Stimulating classes that will grow your endurance and strength. Dedicated to those who want minimum choreography of exercises and a physical challenge with each exercise.
MOVE – Effective training that improves coordination, rhythm and strength. The classes are inspired from the traditional aerobic with dance influences.
You are invited to discover World Class!

World Class Polus Center – It is time to train with us in the 2nd club from Cluj!

We are waiting for you with premium services and facilities like:

Life Fitness and Reebok equipment
Functional Training
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  • Mo - Fr 07:00 - 23:00
  • Sa - Su 08:00 - 21:00
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