Stradivarius reflects a young perspective in fashion. With an original and dynamic philosophy, this concept brings the clients the latest trends in design, materials and accessories.

Stradivarius offers a fashion at international level, having a special design. Its spacious stores decorated in a young, vibrant style, present a wide range of informal and full of imagination fashion for the teenagers. The 381 Stradivarius stores from the 24 countries are wide spaces, full of colour, light and music.

Bershka, which appeals to our youngest target market, was created in April 1998 as a new concept in retail and fashion. It now has 751 stores in 53 countries.

Bershka’s large, spacious stores feature cutting-edge design. They are meant to be a must-see venue for street fashion, music and art. Visitors to Bershka shops can watch videos, listen to CDs and read magazines. Shopping at Bershka immerses you in the newest, hippest 21st century trends.

Young people’s spirit is our source of inspiration. Since its creation in 1991, Pull & Bear has specialised in adapting to the needs of young shoppers, and is now a must-stop destination for casual, laid-back fashion.

We dress the world with a single product and speak a common language, as part of a global youth culture. At Pull & Bear we don't just make clothing and accessories, we design spaces for conveying the message and feeling behind the products we sell. Pull & Bear establishments are welcoming spaces with their own style, in which new fittings blend with repurposed objects to recall the sorts of homes our young customers would love to live in.

Pull & Bear has 704 outlets on the busiest streets and in the leading shopping centres in 48 countries.

Opening hours
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