Welcome to the new world of Steilmann, a world of fashion, accessories and style.

With Steilmann Fashion 4 Life you step into the exclusive world of the brands STEILMANN, APANAGE, KAPALUA & STONES –
4 top brands, 4 collections with different styles, all under the same roof. This is where you’ ll find a whole world of style – from basic to glamour, from casual to high fashion.

Fashion 4 Life is pure fashion.

See, feel, live the Fashion 4 Life universe. Welcome to the fashion world exclusively for the woman and man of our days.

Steilmann brand
Sporty, comfortable and very casual…
Combine Steilmann fashion into a sovereign and unique look.
Top quality for super price – new every season, every day.

Apanage brand
Consistent, modern, fresh…
APANAGE collection combines passion, current fashion trend and the consistent safety of the style line in a modern world, with the sense for the brand’s value.
Leave yourselves charmed by an unmistakable style, unique in its manner.

Kapalua brand
Young, charming, sensualist…
KAPALUA look is a tribute paid to modern women. The innovative materials, the refined solutions of the design and the valuable details create a world full of feminine opulence and emotional look for any occasion.

Stones brand
Optimist, cool & casual…
Stones represents a modern menswear with sporty touch and casual elegance into an urban look.
Fashion for the modern man, who’s full of optimism and natural ease.
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