Poveşti cu condimente

They say, in old times the best spices were grown on Moluccas, the Spices Island. They were compared to precious stones, and the locals wanted to keep these valuable flavours only for themselves. The explorers who reached this place used to buy them for lots of money. The migratory birds were those which took the plants’ seeds in their peak to other countries and this is how the spices became popular.

For over 3000 years the spices were a luxury and a seduction method, healed diseases and were mixed in magical potions, refined dishes and were also used in religious rituals. Chinese, Arab and European adventurers went to search the flavours that – back then were worth as much as their weight measured in gold. And this exploration still continues nowadays. We challenge you to start a culinary journey with flavours from all over the world!

Those passionate about cooking, amateurs or professionals can find here natural spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables, pastry products, mixes of spices, weight loss products, seeds and many other ingredients. All products are sold in bulk, so the customer can purchase exactly the quantity needed and will be sure it has fresh ingredients all the time. Besides that, on the store’s shelves you will find a variety of kitchen accessories, from grinders and little jars to aprons and table cloths.

„Stories with spices” is a brand of Supremia Grup, the largest ingredient manufacturer in Romania. In the modern factory from Alba Iulia, the spices are processed in maximum safety conditions according to the European standards. For all products purchased from this store, Supremia Grup guarantees quality and safety. We launched this project to offer the final customers the chance to taste quality spices As I advise the business partners to look for innovative solutions and formulas, I challenge the store’s clients to discover as many flavours as possible and to be creative in the kitchen.

This project is more than a store, it also has an educational role. There are few people who know the difference between cumin and caraway or those who know how star anise looks like; this is why Supremia Grup intends to show consumers that the ingredients range for their food is much larger than the basic spices. As its name suggests, each product will have its own story, told by the store’s sales assistant, by the monthly paper and soon by the website Poveşti cu condimente.

The store from Polus Center Cluj is the first from a future chain of this type of stores. The location from the city was voted by the employees of Supremia Grup company, who to a level of 82%, placed Cluj as the city they wanted to see the first store. When required to motivate their choice the answer was categorical: “We want to boast to our friends with the company we are working at!”

You are welcome to discover the quality of spices at the right price and to become our loyal customer!
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