Established in 1992, Musette has seen a constant development, and at the beginning of 2000 it became one of the most important player on the textile and accessories market.

Years 2000 brought change in the business strategy directing Musette towards finished products. Thus, the transfer from wholesale to retail area meant crowing the efforts and an unexpected success, manifested by constant increase of the turnover and of the number of stores.

The sustained rhythm of development has justifiably materialized reaching a maximum first point in 2010, when stores were opened in Luxembourg and New York, thus shaping the European and even global character of Musette brand.

2011 continued the previous trend, pointing out the consolidation on the European market by the opening of a store in Budapest and the approach of the Asian market, with a first store in Israel. Year 2012 completed the efforts on the Asian market by opening 3 new stores in Israel, Lebanon and Mongolia. At the same time, the development strategies on the internal market promise to reach by the end of 2012 new objectives that will resize the national retail network.

As we want to offer our clients the best products in terms of footwear and luxury bags, 12 years ago our company launched the first collection under the Musette brand, a local brand that was going to excel by quality and would conquer both the Romanian and the European clients in only a few years’ time. The production diversity, the design of some exclusivist ranges, as well as approaching a series of markets with high level of clothing culture, like the American culture, developed the need for a new Musette brand named Cristhelen B. Characterized by perfect syncretism of the classic lines with the avant-garde of modern chromatic compositions, the Cristhelen B. shoes and bags have soon become a reference point on the European, North-American and Asian Haut-Couture map.

Taking into account the success we encountered and the need to cover a scarce market from local offers point of view, Musette made a step forward, launching a brand intended to satisfy the male fashion needs: Giannini. Keeping the elegant note of Italian male footwear Giannini brand creates a new perspective in the exigence of male fashion items. Made of high quality materials created by combining handicraft with the technique of modern equipment, the Giannini male footwear have stood out in the last years as a significant segment of Musette collection.
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