S.C. MONDEX S.A. Sibiu manufactures over 4.000 items of socks and stockings in a varied structure of sizes, patterns and colors for all the categories of customers.

For women, Mondex produces smooth stockings, elegant, with special effects (gloss, flexibility, elegant colors). For all occasions, the Mondex stockings are placed in the top of the feminine exigencies from the point of view of quality, durability, design and, last, but not, least the fashion tendencies.

For men, Mondex manufactures sport socks for those who adopt the sport clothing, but also cotton socks for businessmen who have to adapt the clothing depending on the position within the company, society, and occasion.

For children up to the teen age, Mondex manufactures socks and stockings nicely colored and pretentiously drawn with the heroes from the cartoons or various prints, symbols or texts.

For teenagers, Mondex manufactures cotton socks, stockings with pattern, durable and elegant, made of special threads: elastic, tactel, lurex, micro fiber.

Mondex also produces hygienic stockings for those categories of people who do not bear the synthetic products or the finishes with chemicals and coloring products (BIO products).

Last, but not least, in our shops you will find cotton stockings, stockings for those categories of people, men and women, pensioners, unemployed, with reduced financial possibilities, but who have the same needs for these products.

In parallel with the manufacture and the commercialization of the stockings, thought has been given to the development of the distribution of underwear for children, men and women, promoted under the TUAREG brand and has imposed shortly on the market by quality and presentation at a high level.
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