MOHITO follows the desire of luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.
The brand is developed for women who love fashion and who value original, feminine and urban elegance. MOHITO’s designers create their collections for self-confident, energetic, independent and passionate women.

FASHION: We are present in the world of fashion, being inspired by its diversity, unpredictability and variability. Not only do we take part in the most important fashion shows of every season, but also observe the style of women living in the world’s most fashionable cities.
But the most of all, by taking what is the most important for us from fashion; we adapt it to our philosophy. Emphasizing the strength of femininity in all of its fascinating spectrum –that is our passion.

INDEPENDENCE: Independence and confidence are the hypnotizing energy.
We believe that every woman has it inside, and our wish is to expose it in the way that would leave no one indifferent. We want every woman to be aware of her strengths. The greatest reward for us is when a woman feels beautiful in our clothes.

FEMININITY: We believe that every woman is beautiful.
The aim of our collections is to show her natural sensuality and unforced sex appeal. We are intrigued by women’s aura of mystery, visible in the most subtle details: her gestures, timbre of her voice, and the look in her eyes.
That is why we design for women who emanate with their inner light and strength. We aim to emphasize their femininity, Sophistication and elegance.

ASPIRATIONS: MOHITO is an aspirational brand. We show women glamorous and luxurious lifestyle. Our aim is to motivate them to dare to dream.
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