Falla Collection

A new way to combine the usefulness of business outfits with the current European fashion trends

Falla Collection, the new brand purchased and manufactured by Jolidon Import – Export SRL since 2006, a project initiated and launched on the market on 12th of September 2003 by the most important clothing manufacturer from Transylvania – Flacara SA, relies on an experience of tens of years of being a strong company, optimistic and flexible, with great credibility on the European market.

The fashion suggestions of “Falla Collection” are intended for the clients with “office-business” activity whose outfits corresponds to the highest level of training and approach, both for a new success in business, and in other activities, where image is essential.

The offer is conceived flexibly, per packages of coordinated products, with multiple matching, which satisfy clients’ need to wear the right outfits, made at the highest quality standards.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00
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