RCS & RDS is one of the most important telecommunication operator in the region, providing services in Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic. The company is a leader on the Romanian market in cable and satellite internet and television services and also one of the main providers of landline and mobile telephone services, mobile internet and other content services. The company holds the only news television in full HD format, Digi24 HD, with 8 local stations, 3 sports channels, Digi Sport 1, 2 and 3, which broadcast the most important sports competitions in Romania and in the world, a movies channel Pay-TV, Digi Film, 3 documentary programs Digi World, Digi Life and Digi Animal World.

The company presents its commercial services and offers in the new Digi store, opened in the fall of 2014, in Polus Center.

The new store opened in a new and innovating concept is part of the transition process of the products and services of RCS & RDS company to Digi brand. Up to the present, the company has aligned under this brand the entire offer of telecommunication services, as well as the TV content division, respectively all the televisions it holds. The goal of the company is to extend the communication of the Digi brand also on the level of its presentation store network.

Digi store is delimited in several areas: the counseling and the sale of products and services Digi for home, the counseling and sale area for Digi Mobil, where customers have access to the range of equipment and mobile phones and the invoice payment area, where customers can pay their monthly invoices. At the same time, Digi store is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the users the possibility to test the company’s services.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00
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