Cramele Moldovei


MOLDOVA's map it has the form of a grape, here grow 2.3 to 100 of the grape harvest in the world.

For centuries, in MOLDOVA, rich traditions of vine cultivation and wine production have been formed. Currently, in the country there are over 142 wine factories, and more than 23 of them have conditions and experience regarding wine tourism, they offer the possibility to know the technology of wine production and to enjoy the finished product. Due to their quality, many of the wines produced in our country enjoy a very good international reputation.

In the CRAMELE MOLDOVA you will find a wide range of wines, sparkling wines (champagne, prosecco - cresecco), sparkling wines, liqueurs, vinegars (brandy), whiskey, etc. from the most famous unique underground wine cities in the world: MILESTII MICI, CRICOVA. Wineries COMRAT, BASAVIN, BOIAR Wine House, PURCARI, BOSTAVAN, DAC, GITANA, VARTELY, KVINT DEVIN, CALARASI DEVIN, BARZA ALBA (BELII AIST) DEVIN etc. We offer you a wide range of bulk wines from the south of MOLDOVA (the wine-growing geographical area VALUL lui TRAIAN), which will impress you very much.

Nothing impresses more, because the wines taken directly from the vine, their freshness and naturalness remain in memory. The distance between YOU and the WINES of MOLDOVA disappears in the CRAMES of MOLDOVA.
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