A brand like Clujana needs a visual identity that will consolidate the heritage of the past with the modern spirit. This statement brings to the present time the former visual identity, imprinting on it a dynamic and contemporaneous nature.

The cock was completely redesigned, it now has a robust aspect and an ascending orientation, rendering a brand that looks towards the future. The font was especially created for this logo, with a corporate nature and a slightly informal touch.

We know your steps.

We know how you step when you’re in a hurry, when you walk, when you run or when you play. We know all these because our entire history is dedicated to finding the most comfortable step. This, because everybody knows a comfortable shoe makes the difference between a good day and a bad day. We promise only good days for you, when you feel you’re floating and you’ll forget that you have something on your feet.

Regardless if you choose to walk on a sunny or rainy day, in the mountains, in the city or at the seaside, you will certainly find the right footwear with us, because we have adapted our shoes to all seasons and to all various weather conditions.

We have also thought about your health, so all the components coming into direct contact with the feet are made of natural fabrics.

Walk healthily with Clujana.
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