Barza BOOM

BarzaBoom - concept store of children's clothes and accessories, meant to bring you bright colors, chosen things and good will!

Being passionate about everything that is beautiful, we thought we could color this period - the childhood of our children, through whom we find ourselves, the mature ones and full of worries! We want you to enjoy it fully! The first thing we thought about is the fact that in the great agitation and emotion full of emotions, when the stalemate comes to us - we buy what we find on the shelf, quickly, being limited in choice! And if the baby brings the stew, we bring positive emotions through our attitude and happiness and the ability to enjoy the sweet moments.

It's a hibernating period, you don't know how to manage them all, every day brings new worries and you realize it's a continuous whirlwind. It is important to be able to receive pleasure and satisfaction, and we invite you to keep an eye on us, maybe find inspiration or a new breath.
And do not forget the healthy child is the happy child and…. vice versa.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00
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