Wednesday 15 November 2017 - Thursday 21 December 2017

Christmas Gift: 10 Gift Cards worth of 5,000 Euros each!

How about one day you can go shopping for 5000 euros? Yes, you read it well. Imagine how a shopping session would look like if you can go home with all the clothing items that you want, the appliances that you need, the cell phone and the TV that you dreamed of, and to still have money for a holiday with your family.

Sounds good, is not it?

Then come to VIVO! Cluj-Napoca between November 15th and December 21st, buy for at least 100 lei, from any store in the shopping center, and you can win one of the 10 gift cards worth of 5,000 euros each, for a Christmas story in family.

In order to enter the lottery, you just have to come with the shopping bill at the Information Desk and sign up through the application that is running on the interactive displays. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can also win one of the hundreds of instant prizes offered by our partners: Aldo, Andu, Arome Healthy Bar, Benvenuti, C & A, Charm Deco Shop, Chic Bijoux, Escudo, Golden Rose , KVL, Timeout, Lee Cooper, LEGO, Verde, Melkior, Oxette, Salamander and Tezyo.

The winners of the 10 gift cards of 5,000 euros each will be designated by the draw that will take place on December 22nd, at 1:00 AM in the Matei Corvin Square, next to the Information Desk inside VIVO! Cluj-Napoca.
Good luck and have fun shopping!

The advertising lottery rules can be found below.

The winners are:
Pavel Ladislau Iovan
Elod Balazsi-Pal
Cristina Coser
Darius Todor
Beatrix Molnar Kulcsar
Tiberiu Balazs
Cosmin Cimpean
Veronica Leustean
Cosarca Doina
Retegan George Cosmin