Man's style fashion

Man`s Style Fashion – Quality…for men

In 2004, when we were established, this was the moto after we guided. We have worked, we work and we will work so that the men we will dress to be…of quality.

We adress to every men who want to be stylish, classy and of good taste. Our products, which respect the newest fashion trends, are produced in two big factories from Romania. Our production exigencies such as the best quality fabrics are our biggest concern. All the fabrics come from factories from Italy, such as the accesorize. As we have the experience of our extern parteners, from which we produce in lohn system, and having their approval in using the latest norm, we can offer our clients suits, coats, winter coats, trousers of the same quality as the biggest fashion houses of the world.

Duet o the development of the romanian market in the latest years, we have come to create a personal multiple shops among is the Baia Mare shop, where besides our own products, we marchandise the whole scale of products necesary for a quality…man: shirt, ties, shoes, cufflincks, sweaters and cardigans, belts, jakets, T-shirts, scarfs, all those products come from famous brands from Italy and Romania.

We wait with interest clients in Gold Plaza Baia Mare
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